Cambodia Investigates After Father and Daughter Infected With Bird Flu

A man in a mask, wearing a uniform with patches on the shoulders and carrying a walkie-talkie, is holding up a poster around a telephone pole. Another man, wearing a pink long-sleeve shirt and a pink checkered scarf, is hammering the poster into the pole. A villager is standing behind them next to a wall of tropical vegetation.
Cambodian officials placed posters in Prey Veng village to warn against the dangers of bird flu.Credit…Cambodia Ministry of Health, via Associated Press

Cambodia has reported two cases of bird flu infection in people, a father and daughter in a village in Prey Veng Province. The 11-year-old girl died earlier this week.

The cases, the first reported in Cambodia since 2014, raised fears that the virus had acquired the ability to spread among people and may trigger another pandemic. But the World Health Organization said on Friday that 11 contacts of the girl, four of whom have flulike symptoms, had tested negative for infection with the H5N1 flu virus.

The 49-year-old father who has tested positive was not showing any symptoms, according to the Health Ministry. The W.H.O. is…

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