GoFundMe Campaign to Build Border Wall Raises More Than $12 Million

Crowdfunding donations have paid for medical and legal bills, wildfire losses and college tuition. Now, a GoFundMe campaign aims to finance one the most hotly debated issues in American politics: President Trump’s long-promised border wall.

The campaign, called “We The People Will Fund The Wall” and launched this week by a disabled Florida veteran, had raised more than $12.2 million from more than 200,000 people by early Friday afternoon. The goal? $1 billion.

But the campaign’s founder, Brian Kolfage — a triple amputee who served in Iraq and who ran right-wing conspiracy websites that were eventually removed by Facebook — is hoping to raise even greater sums to cover construction of a barrier between the United States and Mexico. He suggested on the GoFundMe page that if the…

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