Meet the 'methane man' with a mission: Using microbes to eat up the greenhouse gas

Three of Windfall’s leadership team at the compost pile for a local community organic farm planning to deploy methane eating microbes. Judy Su, the director of biology (L); Josh Silverman, the CEO; Carla Risso, the director of environment (R).

Photo courtesy Windfall

Josh Silverman is obsessed with methane.

The serial entrepreneurial and biochemist has been focused on methane for 15 years. Most recently, he’s zeroed in on the idea of using methane-eating microbes to combat climate change.

That obsession, and a lot of persistence getting investors to pay attention, led Silverman to launch his latest company, Windfall Bio. The startup was founded in 2022 and sells methane-eating microbes, or methanotrophs, to its pilot customers, farmers.

Farmers have a lot of methane on hand from cow burps…

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