Signs of Wisconsin Backlash Against Donald Trump, Who Trails in Poll

Mr. Cruz went further than ever before on Tuesday during a CNN town hall in Milwaukee, where he suggested he would not support Mr. Trump if he became the party’s nominee.

“It’s gotten really ugly,” Mr. Cruz said. “What lesson do our kids take watching us?”

Earlier he said the battery charge filed in Florida against Mr. Lewandowski should be “a fire-able offense.”

With Mr. Trump adamantly defending Mr. Lewandowski as the victim in the encounter, after video evidence contradicted the manager’s earlier charge that the reporter was “delusional,” Mr. Cruz said, “Nominating Donald Trump would be an absolute train wreck.”

Mr. Trump’s unfavorable rating in the Marquette poll, conducted before Mr. Lewandowski’s arrest, was 70 percent. Only 24 percent of women…

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