Skateboarding’s Cardinal Rule: Dare to Be You

We asked photographers across the country to document how skateboarders come together to foster community.

They’re gathering in odd corners of the office park. They’re trolling under bridges. They’re jumping stairs and grinding rails.

They’re just being themselves.

There may be no other sport, if it must be called a sport as it rolls toward its debut at the Summer Olympics, where expression comes so freely. Where freedom is so expressive.

Just four wheels and a board. The only other barrier to entry is the imagination.

No uniforms, besides some flat-bottomed rubber soles. Above that, whatever you want. Maybe some Dickies, maybe some Nyjah-style short shorts, maybe mom jeans and suspenders like the 17-year-old pro Bryce Wettstein rocked at a contest last weekend.

Socks to the knees,…

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