Sugar Ramos, 75, Boxer Remembered for a Fatal Fight, Dies

There, Ramos visited Moore’s wife, Geraldine Moore, and told her he was sorry.

She forgave him and, according to an article in The New York Times, said: “I realize it’s hard for you to know you aren’t the one to blame. But I’m closest to Davey, and I’m asking you not to take it that way.”

Gov. Edmund G. Brown of California and two lawmakers swiftly demanded state legislation that would outlaw boxing. The legislature tightened boxing regulations in the state but never banned it.

Moore died three days after the fight. A panel of doctors that had examined footage of the fight said that he died from the blunt force caused when the back of his skull struck a ring rope — a kind of whiplash — as he fell late in the 10th round. An autopsy found that hemorrhages around…

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