Summer Places: A Popular Vacation Stop? This New Hampshire Liquor Store Beckons

According to Mr. Mollica’s office, the average customer here spends $70.98 on 2.24 bottles of spirits and 2.15 bottles of wine. According to my own eyes, the average customer is rather extraordinary.

In the parking lot, I met the Boston-based chief executive of a bio-tech firm who could only get away to Sebago Lake for one night. Nonetheless, he loaded into his Benz a half-dozen bottles of cabernet sauvignon and a couple of nice tawny ports.

I also met a boat builder from Plympton, Mass., who helmed a 1972 Winnebago towing the superlatively recreational vehicle of a campus-safety golf cart repainted with the legend “Fun Police.” Like the $10 bottle of gin bought by his wife, the golf cart would enliven their campground in the town of Arundel, Me.

Inside, there was the…

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