The Eatons, Competing for Different Countries, Are on the Same Team

Brianne has continuing back and intercostal troubles of her own, and only two weeks before the Boston meet, she had a jabbing pain in her shin that felt like a stress fracture she had sustained earlier in her career. Back home in Eugene, her existing doubts resurgent, she had what she called “a full-blown breakdown.”

“I’m looking up how long it takes to heal a stress fracture: eight weeks, no impact at the longest,” she said. “So I go upstairs, and I’m bawling, just bawling having a meltdown. I don’t think Ashton has ever seen that. And I’m saying: ‘What if I can’t go to the Olympics? I’ve trained all this time. What if I can’t go?’”

Subsequent tests ruled out a stress fracture, but not before Brianne and Ashton had written down all the potential…

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