The Paperback Game

Credit…Nadia Hafid

All you need is some pulp fiction and a good imagination.

My family didn’t invent the paperback game (I don’t know who did), but we’ve played it for years. It’s for four to 10 people and perfect for lockdown. You can play at the table after dinner, after the dishes have been cleared and everyone is loosened up. An Earl Hines record on in the background sets the mood perfectly. Here’s how to play:

1. Assemble a stack of 10 or so paperbacks. Almost any will do, but genre fiction is preferable — the pulpier the better.

2. Gather some small, blank slips of paper — index cards torn in half are ideal — and a pencil or pen for each player.

3. The players take turns being the reader. The reader for each turn stands, selects a book, shows the…

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