Ukraine Live Updates: U.S. Prepares Response as Putin Orders Forces to Separatist Enclaves

ImageUkrainian soldiers inspecting a crater left by a mortar explosion at a front-line position in Novozvanivka, eastern Ukraine, on Monday.
Credit…Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

With the dispatch of armed forces by Russia and the promise of sanctions by the United States, the Ukraine conflict entered a perilous new chapter on Tuesday as the path to a diplomatic solution quickly narrowed.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has been unsparing in terms of what lies ahead, calling Ukraine little more than a “puppet” of the United States, and Kyiv’s leaders solely responsible for whatever “bloodshed” may come next. Mr. Putin has also raised the specter of fighting after ordering troops to the two breakaway regions of Ukraine that Russia just recognized.

“As for those who…

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