‘We Just Did Not Give Up Hope,’ Says One of Those Who Lost a Relative to the Golden State Killer

Over the last several years, Ms. Domingo has immersed herself in the world of armchair detectives and online sleuths. She has spent hours on social media trying to be a “squeaky wheel” — putting together clues that might identify the killer. A handful of other victims joined together to do same, talking almost daily. They formed a kind of sorority based on shared pain and relentless focus. The process, Ms. Domingo said, was “therapeutic.”

“We just did not give up hope,” she said. “To see that the DNA matches came through, that he’s alive and that they have him in custody — that’s what we were all praying for.”

Close to Home

The Golden State Killer had terrorized one of his victims in the very town where Mr. DeAngelo was arrested Tuesday.

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