I Also Went to the Royal Wedding

And all I got was a devastating reminder of my own insignificance.

This was not the series finale of “Suits.”CreditAlexander Coggin for The New York Times

WINDSOR, England — The sun was glad. The air was the exact temperature of God’s warm breath as he whispers a secret in your ear (72 degrees Fahrenheit). The breeze was discreet; the clouds were for decoration only; the roads looked newly born; the volunteers were eager to volunteer in some way; the grass smelled like even more grass than it was; the horses were lauded as “brave,” “affectionate” and “very tolerant of drunk people”; the policemen were armed with semiautomatic rifles; the empire, while dead, was verging toward an eerie approximation of vitality (rigor mortis, perhaps?); the earth was careening through…

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